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Tule River Tribe of California is a proud sovereign nation that strives to improve the livelihood of their members, their community and their surrounding communities.


The Tule River Native Veterans Post 1987 – Formally, known as “The Tule River AMVETS (American Veterans) Post 1988” was the first all Native American post in the Nation.

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Eagle Mountain Casino Relocation

Tule River Casino Relocation Project

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The Tule River Tribe is currently engaged in Water Rights settlement negotiations with the United States, acting as trustee for the tribe, and downstream users of water from the South Fork of the Tule River.

The Tribe is represented in the negotiations by the Tule River Water Rights Negotiation Team, under the

The purpose of the on-going negotiations is to confirm under a law the federally reserved Water Rights of the Tribe and to secure federal funding to enable the tribe to put its Water Rights to use.

The Tribe’s ultimate goal is to confirm federally reserved water rights sufficient to secure permanent self-sustaining homeland for the Tribe.  The Tribe is cautiously optimistic that the on-going negotiations will result in a fair settlement of the Tribe’s federally reserved water rights.

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Tule River Tribal Council Quarterly Meeting at 9am on 11/03/2018








2018 Tule River Tribal Council Swearing In

2018 Tule River Tribal Council Swearing In

January 26, 2018 was day to be remembered in the Tule River Indian Reservation History. The Elected Tule River Tribal Council was took the Oath of Office, sworn in by Alex Garfield. The Tule River Community, Towanits School Students, Employees, Porterville City...

Tule River Enrollment Committee Meeting 08/09/2018

Community Meeting Thursday, August 9, 2018 Topic: Revisions of the Enrollment Ordinance. Tule River Tribal Brafford Room 340 N. Reservation Road, Porterville, CA 93257 It is important for all our tribal members to be aware of this Ordinance and understand what is...

FieldCore Job Opportunities

Tule River would like to invite you out to seek job opportunities. FieldCore, a GE Company hiring managers will be on-site to provide information and recruitment for FieldCore entry-level opportunities. FieldCore entry-level jobs are great for persons with some...

Fire Reminder

Fire Reminder

Important reminder: While it is important to maintain a clean fireplace/stove, it is equally important to ensure the ashes you discard are “dead out”. We recommend you soaking your ashes in a bucket of water prior to discarding them as a safety measure. Although it is...

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