Forest Management Program

Tule River Tribal Forestry manages the mixed conifer and hardwood forest area located within the mid to upper portions of the South Fork of the Tule River watershed. These forestlands begin around 4,500 feet elevation and extend to the Parker Peak ridgeline at 7,600 feet.

The forest provides recreational and cultural opportunities for the Tribal community, as well as forest products for personal and community use. A sustainable timber management program has been in place for several decades. Perhaps the most important forest amenity is the water derived from the spring and summer snow melt, which flows down slope from the top of the watershed. A network of steep drainages channels the runoff into the South Fork of the Tule River, flowing westerly through the Reservation community and farther west to Lake Success.

The forest management program is administered by the Tribal Council. Forest planning, project development and implementation is accomplished by forestry staff. The current management emphasis is on improving forest health and reducing vegetative fuels that pose a wildfire hazard. Field crews perform a variety of project tasks in these high elevation areas during the summer and fall seasons. Selective timber harvests are utilized in conjunction with forest improvement and fuels management projects to reach management objectives.

The Tribal Council partners with a number of agencies and organizations, including the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Sequoia National Forest, Society of American Foresters, Tulare County Resource Conservation District and Yosemite-Sequoia Resource Conservation & Development council.

Tribal Forestry is an active participant in the California Indian Forest & Fire Management Council and the Intertribal Timber Council.

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Brian Rueger, Forester