Established and funded by the Tule River Tribe, this on-going prevention program provides prevention activities to youth and community.  Future Generations provides “Stay Clean” meetings on a weekly basis for those youth required by probation/court to attend such meetings.  It provides educational and cultural activities to all youth on the reservation on a regular basis.  These Activities include Fetal Alcohol Syndrome education to the community and schools.  Amanda Sierra, Jahida Zarate and Kara Lombrana comprise the Future Generations personnel.

The program provides advocacy to parents and youth involved in the juvenile justice system and referral to treatment and aftercare for youth retuning from treatment or discharged from a detention facility.

A certified counselor is available to provide one-on-one counseling for youth required to attend counseling sessions for alcohol and/or drugs.  The program provides weekly parenting sessions which qualify for those mandated by the court of C.P.S to attend such meetings.  The program provides Family Wellness Workshops on a weekly basis for the community with snacks and incentive prizes.  In addition, motivational speakers are provided to speak to the youth and community on a quarterly basis.  Incentive trips for the youth are also provided for those who attend the educational sessions.

Future Generations also provides the women, in and outside of the community a Women’s Support Group.  This group is setup to meet twice a week.  The program conducts  an Annual Women’s Conference for women from teen to elder.

A Youth Gathering of Native Americans is held each year at the Cholollo Campgrounds on the reservation. This gathering is for youth from the Tule River community and other reservation communities throughout the state.  Leadership and Prevention conferences are also available.

Prenatal sessions are taught to pregnant women, teens and their partners, to help promote healthy, drug free babies.  Infant care sets are given to those who complete the sessions.  Regalia, Youth Drum and Yowlumne language classes are  also available.

For information purposes, a monthly newsletter is created and issued with updates and extended information on upcoming and on-going activities.

Future Generations serves a community of around 725 youth and 483 adults.

For more information: 559.782.5554 ext 2110