Photo courtesy of the NPS. Reburial Ceremony at Hospital Rock on November 23, 2005 (Left to Right): Ward Eldredge, Stacia Hunter, Robert L. Olivera Quair, Michael Quair, Lalo Franco,  Alfred J. Quair, Jim Hunter, Keith Hamm.

The Yokuts Archaeological Advisory Team (YAAT) was designed to advise the Tribal Council on issues and concerns that deal with environmental compliance in regard to archaeological and sacred sites. In particular, each year the YAAT team reviews dozens of issues, including construction projects, governmental agency proposals, reports of artifact discoveries or burial sites, and requests for research. The committee routinely seeks advice from Elders and others knowledgeable about the area’s past. YAAT activities in recent years have included attending the reburial of human remains as Hospital Rock in Sequoia National Park (2005), taking the lead on the recovery and reburial of human remains and artifacts from a site in the Springville area (2005), sponsoring training for tribal site monitors (2006), assisting with the investigation of the alleged theft of artifacts from the Reservation (2007), and accepting for the Tribe the donation of a stone mortar artifact found near Bakersfield (2008).

For more information about YAAT, please call 559.781.4271.