Community Enhancement and Environment
The Yokuts Foundation is keenly aware and supportive of the need for the preservation and restoration of the natural environment, and the development and enhancement of the economic and civic well being of the community.  Included in this field of interest are land acquisition and protection organizations, animal welfare agencies, and groups that enhance neighborhoods and citizen participation.  Specifically, the Yokuts Foundation supports agencies that:

  • encourage citizen participation in the strengthening of local communities and neighborhoods
  • promote projects and practices that preserve and restore the quality of our natural environment

Culture and Recreation
The Yokuts Foundation is mindful of the importance of enhancing programs, extending accessibility and broadening the scope and reach of cultural and recreational institutions.  In addition to traditional recreational, cultural and arts institutions, this field of interest also includes community centers and park friends groups.  We support organizations that:

  • promote the creation and appreciation of and accessibility to a diverse mixture of arts and culture
  • provide opportunities for leisure or sporting activities

Education and Personal Development
TheYokuts Foundation supports the expectation that all members of the community will be afforded an equal opportunity to rise to their potential.  Included in this field of interest are library friends groups; education foundations; youth groups that emphasize educational, age-appropriate activities and leadership; and skill development organizations.  Specifically, we support agencies that:

  • provide or improve access to learning opportunities
  • reach out to our diverse population with a wide variety of educational activities aimed at improving the whole person
  • teach specific skills to a particular population

Health and Human Services
The Yokuts Foundation recognizes a responsibility to help ensure that health care, prevention/wellness, shelter, sustenance and social services are provided throughout the community.  This encompasses programs that address the basic needs required by all and the special needs required by a few.  Counseling, day care and senior centers, transportation providers, and those agencies that ease entering and leaving this life are included in this field of interest.  The Yokuts Foundation supports organizations that:

  • address basic needs such as food and shelter
  • strengthen preventive care and improve access to services
  • develop the skills and independence of people with special needs, including those with drug and alcohol addictions, physical disabilities and mental illness
  • educate the public and provide support services for those affected by a specific disease or ailment

Native American
The Yokuts Foundation is committed to preserving Native American Culture and continuing the traditions established by our Native American ancestors. We encourage organizations that focus on raising the awareness level and appreciation for the history and culture of Native American people.

Specifically, we support organizations that:

  • educate and share Native American culture and tradition with the general public
  • preserve customs and traditions handed down to Native people through the ages
  • teach Native youth about Native traditions
  • celebrate the rich cultural heritage of our nation’s first people