1. Funds granted are limited in use to the purpose for which they are awarded.
  2. A request cannot exceed $75,000 per year.  The grant period is one year in duration from the date of Tule River Tribal Council approval.  If funds are not used within the 12-month period, the balance will be rescinded.  The Yokuts Foundation is not obligated to remind a grantee of unused funds.
  3. An organization is eligible for only one capital or program grant per year.  However, an agency that has recently merged with or acquired another nonprofit, and an agency serving as the fiscal sponsor on behalf of a community collaborative may be eligible to submit two applications within the appropriate grant cycle.
  4. Applicants may submit a capital or a program request.
  5. An organization must submit a year-end follow up on the grant and provide an outlined narrative of how the funds were used and whether program goals were reached.

Capital Grants

  • Grants are available for the acquisition of a capital item or improvement of facilities.  Items that do not constitute a capital request include videos, books, and websites, and “consumables” such as brochures, posters, T-shirts, uniforms, individual sports equipment, etc.
  • Three competitive, comparable bids for each item must be submitted with the application.
  • The Yokuts Foundation will not contribute more than once to a specific capital project.
  • Funds cannot be used to reimburse an agency for items purchased prior to the grant award date.

Program Grants

  • Grants are available for a new program or the expansion of an existing program.
  • The Yokuts Foundation defines a program as a coherently packaged group of activities designed to result in a change for its participants.  The change could be in behavior, attitude, skills, knowledge or condition.
  • The Tule River Tribe Yokuts Foundation grants are not intended to support programs in perpetuity.  An applicant may choose to seek funding for the same program for a subsequent year, but if awarded, an agency cannot expect funding for the same project beyond the third year.
  • Funds are to be used to support direct program costs, not indirect operating expenses.
  • Successful applicants must agree to report program progress to the Foundation.


The Yokuts Foundation considers three different funding levels in two different funding cycles throughout the year January through March and May through July. The smallest funding cycle is for application requests in an amount of $1,000 or less. The second level considers application requests in amounts greater than $1,000 and less than $10,000. The third level considers application requests in amounts $10,000. Applications of any level will only be considered during the months of January through March or May through July. The Foundation will only consider one application per applicant per year.